Aerosol Refills - (Mixed Boxes Available)

Our range of fragrances compatibale with almost all industrial and domestic automatic ar fresheners



Baby Powder
- ideal for ladies washrooms or childrens play areas.
- a Strong fresh fruity fragrance ideal for masking any smell.
- citrus almost tangerine, fresh yet unobtrusive smell, dining areas.
- sweet and sharp aroma with great masking qualitiesand gentle ambience


3,400 squirts per can, maximises economy. - The main advantage of the aerosol dispenser over gel or fibre board air fresheners is that the last spray out of the can is exactly the same strength as the first. With other types of air freshener the perfume diminishes with time, gradually becoming ineffective before it is replaced when it has expired. Continual dispensing means that freshness is maintained at a pre determined rate by you to suit your own requirement.


Variety Boxes: - We will mix the boxes of 12 aerosols to enable customers to change the fragrance regularly and to save overstocking. We also stock fly spray, odour neutralizer as well as the normal air fresheners. We will also supply just 1 can. No order too small, with plenty stock to fill large orders , next day in UK and Ireland, or 2-3 days most European, EC countries.



We do not recommend the use of Dynair to try to mask objectionable smells or to try to cover up a hygiene issue. Dynamic Chemicals has many powerful products in our chemical range to remove these at source. Dynair is designed as a complimentary product to give a clean fresh atmosphere and image.


If you do not want to use an aersol based solution why not try Dynamic Chemicals - Heaven Scent, a powerful air freshening product, diluted in water and sprayed via hand sprayer in a variety of popular and designer fragrances. Particularly effective over soft furnishings such as upholstery, carpets and also washroom areas.




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