Popular Uses

Popular uses for the automatic air freshener (not just for toilets and entrace hallways)


Can be bought via Vets direct, online. Non surgical smells settle other animals when visiting surgery, and maintain a fresh ambience in your waiting room. DYNAIR masks smells from little accidents or nervous body gas and liquid releases.

Buses, taxis, trains and ferries.

Simple to install, battery operated or manually when required, a concentrated air freshener which can mask unpleasant smells.

Pubs, Clubs, Night clubs, Hotels, Restaurants, Offices, anywhere unwanted smells can arise, particularly since the non smoking legislation was introduced.

CREDIT CRUNCH: Why wait till there is financial pressure to make savings. Cheapest professional system to maintain a fresh image or mask bad smalls.

We also offer a rental service to local businesses, however this negates any of the major cost saving illustrated on other pages on our site.

Householders/ retail/ Home use. Non business users are reminded that as we are a B2B, business to business web site, our prices do not include VAT, which is calculated and shown on our online shop as you progress your order through the shop.

We are happy to sell, retail, these commercial grade aerosols for use in the home. Please note to watch as you progress through our shop for relevent VAT and delivery charges, where applicable. It is normal to quote business's prices exc VAT as it is usually repaid to them.

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