All the technical specifications of our air freshener dispensers.

The DYNAIR dispenser ensures a constant fresh environment in your reception, washroom, surgery, public areas. The variable time switch puts you in control of both the effectiveness as well as the economy of your deodorising program. Choice of daylight hours, night time or 24 hours. The aerosols are environmentally friendly and cause no harm to animals, pet friendly. Create a professional image when your customer sets foot in the door.


Good Quality Cabinet Empty Aerosol LED
Program Flexibility Photoelectric Light Sensor
Battery Power Indicator LED Key Locking Cabinet



One dispenser treats approximately 6000 cu ft., which is a greater volume than the normal public washroom. Each aerosol refill has 3400-concentrated fragrance metered sprays. The most popular setting is at 15-minute intervals during daylight hours. Set at this, at an average 14 hours per day, the aerosol would last 66 days, costing less than £1.50 per month, a fraction of rental schemes.



The DYNAIR dispenser is not restrictive in it's acceptability of aerosol refills therefore it will accept most manufacturers metered 250 - 280 ml refills. DYNAIR aerosols are highly concentrated perfumed/ fragranced aerosols which are metered to dispense a powerful yet not over powering burst of freshness which mask many smells or freshen public areas. The concentrated nature of our aerosols means that the fragrance will last for around 20 - 30 minutes depending on the size of the room and any natural or engineered ventilation. It is an essential refreshment in basement areas where change of air is restricted.

The DYNAIR dispenser can be used to dispense fly spray, odour neutralizer as well as the normal air fresheners.

The DYNAIR refill fits almost every other dispenser in the marketplace including retail machines available from most supermarkets.



If you are currently renting a similar machine, why spend £££'s renting when you can buy it outright for less than the average 1st quarter rental instalment. Save hundreds of pounds over the normal 3 year rental contract.

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